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My son went to Montessori and we had a wonderful experience!! Miss Tina and Miss Erin have a special way of building my son's confidence and self-esteem while having lots of fun. He comes home very proud of all the skills he's learning, and we've been amazed at how much he's come out of his shell. In my boy's own words, "Montessori is my most favorite school ever". Thank you so much, Tina and Erin for this excellent experience.

We enrolled Jacob in the Montessori program as soon as he was eligible. The program and Jacob’s engagement in that program exceeded our expectations in every way. Miss Tina is clearly devoted to her work and Jacob loved going to school! His daily excitement was shared with us at the end of each day when he’d bring home his stories from class; stories of his new school pals and of the ‘games’ they played. When Ms. Tina’s monthly class update and photographs were shared, we then saw what these ‘games’ in fact were, and the depth of learning that was occurring within that class became evident. The classes were structured, planned, and detailed. There was intention behind everything, and the result was that our child was learning. And he loved it.

We relocated from Nelson in 2015. Of all the goodbyes we made, and there were many, saying goodbye to Miss Tina and Miss Erin was the saddest. Jacob had connected with these teachers in a deep and meaningful way and he trusted and respected them.

We have no doubt in our minds that the level of instruction and learning provided by Miss Tina is exceptional. We recommend the Montessori program without hesitation.

Chris and Sarah Smith

We have appreciated the nurturing approach that Tina takes towards our son. She honours his autonomy as a unique little individual, allowing him to be himself (as the little energetic character that he is). Within the structure of daily activities and routines, he is free to explore what area interests him. This has opened new doors of possibilities for him (like sewing and washing dishes!) Grant & Melanie Day

The Montessori program has been really good for my son. It worked well for us that it is offered to children who are 2 1/2. I appreciate the structure and the opportunity for my child to be exposed to activities that promote learning in a fun environment. He has made new friends and is going to be able to easily transition into school when the time comes....thank you. Lisa

Luke had a great start with the Mountain Montessori Preschool after moving from a foreign country. His language skills in English have improved greatly since attending the program.

The whole atmosphere is pleasant and attractive and allows Luke to learn at his own pace and interact with others in a natural and peaceful environment.

In this way, he builds more self-confidence which is a necessary factor in a child`s development. Miss Tina, you are a great teacher and Luke will miss you when he moves on!

The van Rijn Family.

Since attending the Montessori preschool Alya has become more confident and excited about learning new things. She talks with enthusiasm about the activities and the new friendships she's made. Miss Tina does a great job at encouraging the children while keeping them focused and motivated. Thank you for giving Ayla a positive experience in the classroom..


"Of all things, love is the most potent"

Maria Montessori